Monday, 17 September 2012

ParaNorman Review

Please note. This review DOES NOT contain spoilers

Sorry for the long overdue post, as explained in my previous post I have been incredibly busy in my new job.
Well yesterday I finally got to see ParaNorman, a film that myself and fiancee have been waiting to see for almost a year after seeing the interesting first teaser. I must say that this film did not disappoint me in the slightest. The story itself was a great combination of scary, funny and at points poignant that I felt would entertain even the biggest kids (Myself included). The story follows Norman Babcock (Kodi Smit-Mcphee) who can see dead people, including his deceased grand mother, and his struggle to live life with a community who fails to understand his gift. The town of Blithe Hollow celebrates the death of an evil witch who placed a curse on the people who condemned her to death. Normans family are In supportive of his gift, all but his uncle (John Goodman) who can also see the dead. This is all happening to Norman whilst having to deal with every day problems such as a bully by the name of Alvin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and an annoying sister (Anna Kendrick). When the dead rise from the grave Norman must save his town from destruction by the curse of the witch.
Overall the film was brilliant, I have heard talk of "It's not as good as Coraline", Laika's previous production, but my argument is that the two films are separate entities. Coraline is a film based on a story which was fantastic, where as ParaNorman is an original idea, which Hollywood seems to be lacking these days with a glut of Sequels, Prequels etc.
The story was fantastic, but I would say that I did find it a tad scary for younger children that were in the audience, especially the films climax.
The animation working was brilliant, I felt that the models were incredibly life like in movement and characterisation. The voice work was well done and the voice casting was incredible.
I would say to parents thinking of taking children to see it, be careful there is a reason that the film is PG. As with other films such as Coraline; ParaNorman uses both child like fantasy as well as more adult horror devices to entertain.
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