Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I have been away for a while due to a lack of Internet connection, but I am back and will be posting on a regular basis again. There have been a few things I've missed so I will try to catch up here. First things first I managed to watch the Evil Dead remake trailer that went up online after Comic Con and was removed just as fast. The official red band trailer for the movie is now up and I must say that it looks OK. I love the original series of films a lot and I struggled to think of ways they could resurrect the story without a straight remake. This film has one saving grace and that is both Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell are involved in the film. Check out the trailer below:

The second thing I missed was the premier of the Carrie remake trailer that went online a few weeks ago now. I am going to refuse to pass comment until I actually see the film. Check out the trailer below:

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