Sunday, 21 April 2013

Evil Dead Review

This review will NOT contain spoilers

Ever since the announcement that Evil Dead was to be remade I was sceptical to say the least. Having only viewed The Evil Dead at the age of 18, it quickly became not only one of my favourite films, but part of my favourite film series.
The film has later been stated as not a remake, but an additional film to the Evil Dead saga, with the most recent rumour that Evil Dead 2 and Army Of Darkness 2 would somehow see Ash and Mia's stories intertwine in some way.
Directed by Fede Alvarez, his first English language movie, and produced my Sam Rami, Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert, The Evil Dead opens with a group of old friends meeting at a cabin to help Mia (Jane Levy) rehab from a drug habit. When the group stumble upon dead animals, other sacrificial items and a black package wrapped in barbed wire (that really should have been a sign) terrible things begin to happen to Mia, her brother David and interchangeable friends.
I must say that overall Evil Dead is a pretty great film, whilst it's no new story and is from a genre style that has been done to death, it still stands up against the original. Apart from the fantastic Levy, the acting is a bit wooden in parts and the dialogue is slightly cheesy in parts. The effects are a fantastic mix of modern CGI effects and the more prominent old style prosthetic effects that are more common with the original. The blood and gore is fast a furious pretty much from the moment the starting credits role. The only issue I have is that the film seemingly ends and then keeps going for an additional 10 mins or so of the most horrific special effects work I have seen in a long time, which includes Evil Dead staple, the chainsaw. I would strongly suggest for somebody that has not seen the originals to watch this film and then go back and watch the originals for fun.
I for one welcome a sequel (which I don't normally) for this modernisation of a classic horror series. I am really interested to see what is to come next:

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