Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Quick Update And A Butt Load Of Trailers

I haven't been very frequent with my updates as of late, again due to work and other things getting in the way. I have been in the process of weeding through short stories, scripts and novel ideas as of late and focusing on creative ideas that may buy me a ticket out of a mundane pseudo career in retail.
During my last post I mentioned a fantastic new project from the genius band I Fight Dragons called "Project Atma" Please go and check out the official Kickstarter website for the project at the link below. I would urge  everyone to embrace this band in your life:

The first film that I want to discuss is RIPD. Having just read the graphic novel after watching the trailer, I am really excited for this movie. The casting of Jeff Bridges in the lead role of Roy and Ryan Reynolds as Nick Diaz seems pretty obvious. The tone of the film is very similar to Men In Black, much in the same way as the graphic novel is. Check out the trailer below:

The second film I am going to talk about is "Elysium" starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster and directed by Neil Blomkamp (District 9). Set in 2154 there is a safe haven away from a ravaged earth called Elysium. Matt Damons' Character fights his way from earth to stop the social divide between earth and Elysium. Check out the trailer below:

The final film I am going to talk about is "Game". This is a short film by Canadian director Josh Macdonald. I had the pleasure of catching this with my good lady before the preview showing of John Dies at the End at the Dundead movie festival last week. the story begins with a young woman being chased through woodland by three butt ugly hillbillies. What came next was a little piece of brilliant horror movie story telling with a great twist to finish. If you have the chance check it out. Watch the trailer:

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