Saturday, 31 August 2013

You're Next Review

Warning This Review Will NOT Contain Spoilers

Sorry for the infrequent amount of posts. Starting as I mean to go on here is my review of You're Next.
Starting with a viral campaign which saw mysterious animal masks claiming, You're Next, this film is a love letter to the 1990's and early millennium horror movies such as Scream. The film was directed by Adam Wingard, written by Simon Barrett and released through Lionsgate/Icon Pictures. The film follows the dysfunctional Davison family gathering together for their parents 35th wedding anniversary when they are the victims of a home invasion by animal masked attackers. It comes down to Crispan Davisons girlfriend, Erin to help the family as they are picked off one by one. What comes next is a creatively violent thrill ride which merges the usual blood and guts of modern horror cinema with dark comedy.
The visual effect work in You're Next was fantastic. There were some memorable scenes that need to be believed and by going into detail I would ruin the film all I'm going to say is that there is a great scene with a blender. The dialogue seems a little bit forced at times, thankfully there aren't too many one liners that can sometimes clog up films such as this.
There is some good acting from horror mainstays such as Joe Swanberg as Drake Davinson and his wife Kelly (Margaret Laney) who are really insufferable and are the quintessential douche bags with money. The real stand outs for me were Nicholas Tucci as Felix Davinson who really excels in the second and third act. The other stand out was Sharni Vinson as Erin. From the second she appears on the screen she holds the film together.
The only downside to the film is that it is slightly predictable in parts, the climax in particular. This isn't necessarily a criticism because lets face it, the film isn't exactly a brand new idea, but there were some events that could be seen a mile off.
Overall I would advise any fan off similar horror movies such as Scream and A Horrible Way To Die to go and see this. Even if you're not a horror fan this may be a good introduction in modern horror cinema and the work of Adam Wingard. Check out the trailer below:

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