Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Insidious Chapter 2 Review

Warning: This Review Will NOT Contain Spoilers

Ohh look another horror sequel is released, however unlike many sequels Insidious Chapter 2 expands and intertwines with the original movie with such fluidity that it's hard not to enjoy it. The other draw for the sequel is that all of the original cast from Insidious came back to do the second chapter, a rarity in horror cinema.
The film follows the haunted Lambert family as they come to terms with the events of Chapter one, including the death of Elise Rainer as she attempted to help Josh Lambert save son Dalton from the terrifying creature that lurked in the further. The second chapter opens with a flashback to 1986, where a young Josh and mother Lorraine meet Elise and friend, Carl, for the very first time. We then cut to now where the Lambert family have moved in with Lorraine as the police investigate the murder of Elise. What follows is a terrifying journey into the origins for the character that comes to be known as the bride in black, which is the character that has followed Josh from his youth until now. I will say anyone that is expecting a definative ending to the story will be sorely dissapointed, as most who follow news reports will have seen that Insidious Chapter 3 has already been announced, sort of.
I will say that as much as I loved the original film I felt that there were a lot of questions that still needed to be asked, for example how did Josh first encounter the bride in black ? why is he being followed by her ? thankfully these questions are answered and the story of how she came into his life are answered in terrifying fashion. The sequel also adds a new character in Carl, a friend and fellow medium of Elise, who helps Lorraine and the returning Specs and Tucker navigate through the clues left by Elise to discover the true story of who is haunting her family. I really enjoyed the character and hopefully he will be included in Chapter 3, which is teased towards the end of the film with the hint of an old threat reappearing to cause more damage.
I also really enjoyed the way that aspects of the first chapter that are common place for a horror genre film, for example doors opening and knocking seemingly on their own, are explained and shown why that it happened. I also enjoy that a lot of the dark comedy tone from the first one, such as the comic characters of Specs and Tucker and their constant need to one up each other, has been retained without becoming too over done.
Overall I felt that unlike a lot of sequels, Insidious Chapter 2 was indeed a positive addition to the story, explaining and expanding on the original without adding too much and complicating the story, which is a common problem with horror sequels. Whilst I am dissapointed that Insidious looks like it will become another victim of constant sequels I do look forward to seeing what Leigh Whannell will come up with next:

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  1. While I wasn't even the biggest fan of the original, at least it had its fair share of scares. This movie didn't even seem to really have that. Nice review Aaron.